Derek Chauvin is “Guilty of Murder” of George Floyd, Prosecution Says in Closing


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( Photo: YouTube screenshot. ) Prosecutor Steve Schleicher has delivered a resounding closing argument in the ongoing trial of Derek Chauvin, a former Minneapolis police officer for the murder of George Floyd. Schleicher told jurors in his closing argument that this wasn’t an “anti-police” but rather a “pro-police” trial. He said Chauvin didn’t represent the ideals of a police department and that was why several police commanders had testified against him during trial.Kneeling on someone’s neck for nine minutes and 20 seconds until the person is dead wasn’t part of police training and could never be acceptable, Schleicher said. The prosecutor said Chauvin simply didn’t care and ignored every appeal made by George Floyd from the minute he came in contact with police officers on May 25. First, the police ignored Floyd when he said his wrists hurt after he was handcuffed; they then ignored him when Floyd, a towering man, said he was claustrophobic when the officers attempted to shove him into the back of a police car.