Desire Luzinda now taking nursing classes, narrates her academic journey


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By BigEyeUg TeamSongbird Desire Luzinda has been conservative with disclosing her activities ever since she relocated to the United States of America but here, she bumps with it.The ‘Ekitone’ singer has shocked her fans and social media followers back here home in Uganda after parading her pictures appearing in a medic dress code, suggesting that she is now pursuing a medical career.Desire has gone further to reveal that she is now a phlebotomist, ready to attend to patients in blood laboratories especially after her successful phlebotomy exam last week.Desire LuzindaShe also opened up about her academic journey that at most times failed because of her music career dominancy.At first, she enrolled at Makerere University pursuing a degree in Development Economics but unfortunately dropped out two years later because of her thrilling music career at that time.She was also backed-up with hopes of accomplishing the studies someday.The curvaceous-lady later scooped another chance and got registered at Nkozi University for Development Studies but her love for education was ruined likewise it was at the first time.This time round, she failed to have her first exam because it collided with her UK music tour dates.Here, Desire got discouraged more than never before even...