Details on Florida State Jauan Williams Arrested For Allegedly Chokeslamming and Spitting on His Girlfriend; His Girlfriend Goes On to Tell The Cops How She Would Hide His Weed (Pics-Police Report)

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Transfer hopeful Jauan Williams may have bigger issues to deal with other than finding a place to continue his football career, the Florida State lineman was placed under arrest and subsequently charged with two counts of battery for allegedly physically abusing his girlfriend. Jauan Williams who at one time was a highly coveted 4-star recruit is being implicated in a pretty serious crime that involves both choking and punching the woman repeatedly whom he was in a relationship with. Read the report here: The woman, who is from Tampa, told police that the 6-foot-7, 310-pound Williams flipped her food tray. Because the affidavit also mentions accusations of sexual harassment or violence, the Tampa Bay Times is not immediately naming the complainant. When the woman went into Williams’ room, he “proceeded to flip the chair from underneath her and ‘choke’ her,” the affidavit said. He then yelled and spat at her. Williams prevented her from leaving by wrapping his arms around her arms, carrying him into the bedroom and dragging her across the floor. When police arrived, the woman lied about what happened to protect Williams, she later told police. And according to text messages in the court records, she also...