Details on If Michael Jordan is Aware of All The Memes He’s Spawned During #TheLastDance (Tweets-Pics-Vids)

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Who knew that Michael Jordan would become the King of MEMES? We all know about the Crying Jordan MEME, but thanks to The Last Dance we have a whole bunch more. His daughter Jasmine speaks on if he has noticed. While most of the responses have been incredibly positive, Michael’s 27-year-old daughter, Jasmine Jordan, exclusively tells ET that her dad “hasn’t paid any attention” to what people are saying about it on social media, including “all the new memes/gifs being created.” In addition to Jasmine, Michael shares two sons, Jeffrey, 31, and Marcus, 29, with ex-wife Juanita Vanoy, and 6-year-old twins Victoria and Isabel with Yvette Prieto, whom he married in 2013. “We are all very happy to see how successful the doc has been and to see athletes, fans, new fans etcetera,” Jasmine says. “Obviously with the coronavirus, we all watched separately versus watching together, but we had a running group text thread.” “We would talk about what was happening, laugh at seeing our younger selves in some of the episodes and ask my dad any questions we might’ve had,” she adds. Flip the pages for some of the memes.