Details on Kyrie Irving Leaving Roc Nation Sports and How Much Time He’s Reportedly Giving Them To Try To Repair Their Partnership

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Roc Nation has been one of the biggest record labels in history, founded by Jay Z. He and his brand eventually branched out to sports management, as they’ve signed some of the biggest names, such as Saquon Barkley, Kyrie Irving, Dez Bryant, Leonard Fournette, and LaMelo Ball. Now, it looks like Kyrie is on his way out of Roc Nation Sports, according to Jordan Schultz of ESPN. It’s been hard to keep Kyrie happy, as this will be his second agent he’s left in less than two years.“Kyrie Irving is gonna be firing Roc Nation, which is a pretty big deal,” Schultz said. “He’s now going through his second agent in less than two years and it just happened. I’m not sure exactly what it means from a strategic standpoint, but it does matter when you think about the grand scheme of Draft Day, the Nets, and what Kyrie Irving wants to be.”