Details on Man Dying From COVID-19 After Trolling The Vaccines By Saying “I Got 99 Problems But a Vax Ain’t One”

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There is currently debates that are still ongoing from people, about why and why they shouldn’t take COVID-19 vaccines A lot of misinformation has been spread online, which is leading to a lot of people not getting vaccinated, which shouldn’t be happening. Unfortunately, there are definitely a lot of anti-vaxers. One of these anti-vaxers is 34-year-old Stephen Harmon, who recently died of COVID, according to The Sun. He was battle COVID for a month, and he didn’t want to take one of the vaccines. He even dissed the vaccines on social media, by tweeting “IF YOU’RE HAVING EMAIL PROBLEMS, I FEEL BAD FOR YOU, SON. I GOT 99 PROBLEMS BUT A VAX AIN’T ONE!” on July 8.