Details on NYPD Jeremiah Williams Who Has Been Accused of Anally Raping 4 Detainees, Has 60 Complaints Against Him, Named in 11 Lawsuits & Has Never Been Punished; His Nickname is “The A**man”

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Here is the crazy thing.You aren’t surprised are you? While I was googling a photo of Williams multiple stories came out about his misconduct (by the way it appears his pic has been scrubbed from google). Why would he feel like he couldn’t do anything he wanted as an NYPD cop when you can be in 11 lawsuits and only kept getting promotions?You watch these movies about crooked cops and think it is just a movie, but it is?The story of Jeremiah Williams is the perfect example of the police need to be defunded and rebuilt from the ground up.Flip the page for the sickening details.