Development Channel pays UGX 100M amidst coronavirus financial lack by most Ugandans


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By Reporter In November 2018, a government apparatus used Facebook pages to allege that Charles Lambert was caught at the airport running away from Uganda with a bag of cash. This very alarming news on social media was more than enough to scare thousands of ordinary Ugandans who had joined and put their faith in the first pan African economic war and they flooded the police station with their complaints, panic and fear. The national media embassments that followed the actual arrest of Charles Lambert who can be seen on camera having dinner at Silver Spring hotel with people who had been part of the lies and destructive media rampage. The loss of 5,000 Ugandan jobs, the high blood pressure fested on struggling Ugandan families and the general seed of unbelief in everything happening in the country are just a few of the impact of this highly insidious crime against humanity by these agents of Satan masquerading as government officials. In February of 2020, the criminal court dismissed the charges which had to be manufactured to cover the original lie of being caught running away at the airport. Majority of these ordinary Ugandans abandoned the case when they realized the...