Diagnosed 3 Times, Taliesha Harris-Cash ‘Lives Life On Purpose, With Purpose’

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By Sym Posey The Birmingham Times Diagnosed three-times, Taliesha Harris-Cash is a survivor of metastatic breast cancer — also called stage IV — which is breast cancer that has spread to another part of the body, most commonly the bones, lungs, brain, or liver, according to breastcancer.org. After her first diagnosis in 2016. Harris-Cash said she was devastated and became depressed. “I did not want to talk to anybody. I did not want to hear about cancer. I was intimidated by the word. It took me down this spiral of darkness. I did not want to be around people, and I secluded myself because here I am doing life, and then suddenly cancer comes and ruins everything for me — or so I thought.  It took my voice but then God reminded me I had a trumpet of a voice and He said, ‘you choose to sit here and say nothing. Who are you helping?’” By 2018, when she was diagnosed again, Harris-Cash said she got her strength back and decided she needed a support group but could not find one, so she started her own. “I pulled on the strength of the other survivors to make it through for...