Divorce In Uganda: Unmasking what you should know

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The law on domestic relations has over time taken a series of development from the custom way of viewing marriage to embracing the common law principles that govern marriages.In Uganda, when the legal duties and responsibilities are ended or reorganized in marriage by a court process. The bond previously created by the marriage comes to an end.The law on Divorce in Uganda is clear and is embodied in the Divorce Act Cap 249 and other related laws of Uganda made thereunder.Several grounds do exist upon which a party may petition the court of competent jurisdiction to end the marriage by divorce and they include Cruelty, Desertion, Adultery. It's important to be noted that these grounds are available for both parties following the court decision in Uganda Association of Women Lawyers and others V Attorney General (Constitutional Petition No.02 of 2003) available via https://ulii.org/ug/judgment/constitutional-court-uganda/2004/1.....