Do Minorities Do Better Under Democrats?

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by BA 28 Views comments - (Photo/Twitter) Minority outreach is still on the Republican agenda. The Republican National Committee has hired dozens of black and Latino field representatives, and Chairman Reince Priebus has made the rounds at churches and historically black colleges across the country. Conservatives continue to argue that Democrats have been bad for blacks, Latinos, and other minorities. “What we’re hearing from black voters and people within our community is that it’s the president’s economic policies that are hurting them the most,” said the RNC’s Orlando Watson in an interview last year.Even if that is spin, there’s no doubt that minorities—and blacks in particular—have struggled in the current economy. At 11.6 percent, the unemployment rate for black Americans is staggeringly high, with little sign of declining, even for college graduates. Low-income blacks are increasingly segregated from the mainstream economy, and their middle-class counterparts are still reeling from the Great Recession and its calamitous effect on black housing wealth.