Dr. Alauna Curry: The ‘Trauma Psychologist’

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Dr. Alauna Curry, who describes herself as “America’s only Trauma Psychiatrist,” has retired from personal practice and dedicated herself to equipping others with the knowledge and skills to service and minister to the traumas that Curry contends are way more common than most believe. The Defender spoke with Curry, a St. Louis native, so we could learn more about the person behind the annual Trauma C.U.R.E. (Creators Using Radical Empathy) event and “skills over pills” approach to better Black mental health. DEFENDER: Tell us about your education. CURRY:& I did my undergraduate work at Xavier, and then I came to Houston for medical school at Baylor College of Medicine. And then I stayed at Baylor College of Medicine for my psychiatry residency which I finished in 2011 and started working at the VA. And I was at the VA all the way until I retired in 2020, I think officially January of 2021. But I started having health challenges in 2017 that made me have to step back and really retool my career. So, Dr. Curry is retired. She’s on the island somewhere, drinking Mojitos with her feet kicked up. And that’s when Dr. Alauna was born. It’s a big...