Dr. Umar Johnson Calls Black Women Hypocrites For Celebrating Kevin Samuels’ Death

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Dr. Umar and Kevin Samuels didn’t always get along and disagreed on the methods that each of them used to try to uplift the black community. Some wondered how Dr. Umar would react to Samuels’ passing, and the answer is he is hurt and shocked at the black women dancing on Samuels’ grave.He accurately points out that any woman that went on Samuels’s show went on there voluntarily and that Samuels had many female supporters.He believes that Black Women don’t have the same energy for our white oppressors as they do for Samuels. I think there are times when death is justifiably celebrated. If you threw a party when Hitler died, that makes sense, but for people to want to throw a party for a high-profile YouTuber who was giving his opinion on things is a bit much.A Youtuber shouldn’t have that much effect on your life for you to be that emotional about their death.