Drumstick Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

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If you love Drumstick and Ice Cream Sandwich, this Drumstick Ice Cream Sandwich Cake is the perfect marriage between the two! Drumstick + Ice Cream Sandwich= Drumstick Ice Cream Sandwich Cake! One of my favorite past times when I was a child was getting an ice cream treat from the ice cream truck when it would drive through my neighborhood during the summer. I would save my change and look for more in the couch, washer, and dryer so I can get one of the ice cream treats toward the bottom of the ice cream menu. Everyone knows the closer you get to the end of the ice cream list, the better your choices. It typically went something like this: Twin Popsicles Push-Up Pop Bomb Pop Ice Cream Sandwich Strawberry Shortcake Drumstick Klondike Bar   Something like that. Do you see how the ice cream treat options get fancier the closer the list comes to an end? That is how it was on the ice cream truck! That is why I always tried to get the most change so I can get a Klondike Bar or Drumstick. The Drumstick especially! It looked so fancy! I mean you have vanilla ice cream,...