EA is Banning Jon Gruden From Madden 22

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by BA 33 Views

I would be curious if anyone from the Madden actual community asked for this? I will state once again that when Gruden was just racist, none of his sponsors or companies cared. There was a 100% chance that he would have kept his job with the Raiders if the only released emails were the Michelin Tire lips. The moment that emails were released calling Roger Goodell a F*ggot, the flood gates have opened.I understand them changing the coach because he is no longer with the team, but would anyone have complained if he was still in the game?No one cares about this. People care that EA continually puts out a subpar Madden every year since they got exclusive rights.This reminds me of when they added Colin Kaepernick back into the game after being pressured but made him a super player better than all the starting Quarterbacks. Moves like this are just reactionary to hopefully gain favor, but they don’t address the real problem in the grand scheme of things.