Ed Reed To Players After Being Pushed Out As Coach Of Bethune-Cookman: ‘I Don’t Want To Leave’

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NFL Hall-of-Famer Ed Reed broke the news to 26 recruits on Saturday that he would no longer be taking the reins of Bethune-Cookman University’s football team nearly a month after he was announced as the school’s next head coach.He did so in an impassioned speech that was streamed live on Instagram. Some players could be heard choking back tears in the background of the video footage.“Muthaf**kas!” Reed yelled as he slammed a football to the ground. “Yeah, I cursed and y’all done heard curse words before. … And no, I don’t want to leave, and like I told you, I want all of you recruits. But they got some corrupt people in this world, some evil people that don’t care about kids like I do!”“So, I want y’all to hear the truth from me. I ain’t withdrawing my name. I got the receipts! They got all kind of stuff going on around here,” Reed continued. “And Deion [Sanders] was right, and I know I’m right; and they got some people here who be snitching to they a*s; and I ain’t have a problem with it. I’ll work amongst Judas as Jesus walked with him because even Jesus prevailed. What God...