“Eddie Sendi is a useful idiot”—Jacob Omutuuze


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Dj Jacob Omutuuze has said that his fellow workmate Eddie Sendi is a useful idiot. In an interview with NBS’s Uncut, Jacob Omutuuze revealed that Sendi is doing everything to decampaign him. “That man recorded a video saying that my name Ahimbisibwe does not allow me stand for any political seat in Bunamwaya. Sendi is just jealous because I have achieved more than he has. It is very clear that he is doing everything to turnish my name but I can assure you that he will not succeed. I will say this without any regrets, Eddie Sendi is a useful idiot.” Jacob Omutuuze stressed Jacob Omutuuze who is standing for LC3 chairmanship in Bunamwaya was denied the NUP card after the vetting process.This left a lot of mixed emotions from Jacob’s fans claiming it was unfair. The post “Eddie Sendi is a useful idiot”—Jacob Omutuuze appeared first on BigEye.UG.