Elon Musk is African – Why Isn’t He Recognized as One?

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Elon Musk is known across the globe, but not many people are aware that the SpaceX and Tesla billionaire is of African descent.The world’s richest man, who has a net worth of over $273.5bn, was born in Africa to an African father. But for some reason, this bit of information is often omitted when reports about the inventor make the news – as it so often does.The big question is, ‘why is Elon Musk not recognized as an African?’ Yes, a person can have multiple citizenship – and Elon Musk maintains legal citizen status in American, Canadian, and South African. But why has his African roots been buried and rarely mentioned in the press? If Elon Musk was an international criminal, would America and Canada still adopt him as they now do, or will they bring his African roots to the fore?Last week, the billionaire revealed that he would be paying the largest individual tax in history after his tax figures amount to an excess of $11 billion.