Ex-Cavs Coach David Blatt Has a Specific Reason Why He Says Jordan >>> LeBron in the GOAT Debate (Video)

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ESPN’s Michael Jordan/Bulls 10 part documentary has been the main thing to talk about in sports since it first aired a couple of weeks ago. Mostly due to no sports being played right now. With the documentary comes the everlasting Lebron vs. Jordan debate. Anyone that has talked to almost every sports media site has been asked about the debate including former Cavs head coach,  David Blatt. Blatt according to Eurohoops.com, he discusses the difference between the two and takes a subtle shot at Lebron in the process. “Michael Jordan is bigger than LeBron James,” Blatt said according to Israel Hayom. “He won the most championships with one single team and did not focus on the ‘I’ but on the ‘us.’ But surely, in terms of ability and influence, they are both included in the top five best players in history.” It’s no surprise Blatt would feel that way after being fired a year after going to the championship and starting the season 30-11. Most believe that it was Lebron that wanted him gone. Flip the page to see video.