Ex-Seahawks OL Chad Wheeler Arrested After Taking Off His Clothes, Ankle Monitor and Roaming the Streets as He Awaits Trial on Domestic Violence Charges

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I have to be honest, you have to wonder if Wheeler is doing this to get an easier sentence after beating up his girlfriend or if he is truly having mental health issues. Whatever the case, instead of jail where he likely should be, he is being treated at a mental health facility after this happened.– Former NFL offensive lineman Chad Wheeler — who has been on house arrest as he awaits trial in his ongoing felony domestic violence case — recently violated a court order by removing his electronic home monitoring device, a spokesperson with the King County Prosecutor’s Office told ESPN on Tuesday.According to court documents obtained by ESPN, Wheeler’s defense attorney said his client was experiencing a “mental health crisis” on the evening of July 31 when he took off all his clothes, removed the electronic home monitoring (EHM) device from his ankle and began wandering the streets in the Seattle suburb of Redmond. A friend located Wheeler, called for help and took a photograph of him as he was being tended to by first responders while naked.Wheeler was taken to a hospital for a mental health evaluation and released the next morning, according to the documents.