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Famous Short Seller Marc Cohodes: Pro-Bailout VC David Sacks Is A Hypocrite And ‘Should Be Looked Into’

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Famed short seller and mentor Marc Cohodes got into a Twitter war of words with David Sacks, a tech investor, podcaster and co-founder of the venture fund Craft Ventures, over how much Sacks allegedly profited in the recent collapse of Silicon Valley Bank.A prevailing theory is that some venture capitalists including Sacks “pulled out” before the SVB collapse and then “incited” panic on recent bank runs, ER Velasco wrote on the stock analysis platform The Deep Dive.The online feud erupted between Cohodes and Sacks amid the chaos of banks collapsing into the hands of regulators, leaving depositors wondering if they’d ever recover their investments. Silicon Valley Bank, Silvergate Bank, Signature Bank, First Republic Bank, and Credit Suisse have fallen one by one depositors made a run on the banks, leaving them without liquidity. Regulators and Wall Street firms quickly rescued the collapsing banks in hopes of infusing capital through acquisitions or auctions.Sacks was described by L.A. Times columnist Doyle McManus as one of the “Silicon Valley libertarians who spent years demanding that government get out of the way,” only to beg the Federal Reserve to save them.On March 10, the day Silicon Valley Bank failed, Sacks called for the bank...