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Kash Doll cannot get enough of her son, Kashton Prophet Richardson. The celebrity mom shared new pictures of her little one with her social media fans this past weekend. View this post on Instagram A post shared by @kashdoll “I posted these on his page but y’all gotta see my snookems on his first Thanksgiving,” Kash Doll told her Instagram fans. “look at him,” the celebrity mom doted. Many have said Kashton favors his father, Tracy T, though Kash Doll has consistently held to the notion of her son having features from both his mom and dad. It wasn’t until Kash recently shared a throwback photo of herself when she was a baby that her followers agreed she indeed “spit out” her son. “No way,” one social media follower exclaimed. “He looks just like you,” the fan added. Another of Kash’s supporters mused, “I really thought you ain’t put in no work (sic). After this picture, you got it!” Tracy T was not convinced that Kashton favored his mom in the area of physical features even after fans began to agree with Kash Doll. “He don’t even look like that no more (sic),” the rapper shared in the comments section...