Fans Upset The “Free Larry Hoover” Drake and Kanye Concert Isn’t Free For Them and The Tickets Are Very Expensive

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Fans are pissed off and are calling out Kanye West and Drake over the high ticket prices for the Free Larry Hoover Benefit concert. People thought it would be a free concert or a show with less expensive ticket prices, but that isn’t what’s going to happen. In fact, the prices of tickets range from $200 to $500. The benefit concert is to put the spotlight on freeing Larry Hoover, but it seems the motive for the concert has changed from releasing Larry Hoover to making huge profits.Via Vladtv:The announcement led many to believe that the concert was free, but fans realized on Monday (November 22) that tickets actually ranged from $200 to $500. Social media was lit up with people admitting they were confused about the concert being free, while others called out the high ticket prices.There was also conversation centered on the dangers of a free concert from two of the biggest artists today in light of the tragedy at Astroworld, which left 10 people dead and hundreds injured.