Federal government shutdown adverted, now what?

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Leaders in Washington, D.C. were on the verge of a deadline to come up with a budget deal before a looming federal government shutdown Saturday. A government shutdown would have brought the country to an seemingly economic breaking point of stress and desperation, and a tightening labor market defined by inflation and striking workers A shutdown was ultimately adverted as House republican Speaker Kevin McCarthy sought to reach across the aisle for votes on a budget bill Democrats could support as previous bills were stroke down, including by some republicans. McCarthy failing to pass the previous budget bills within his own political party last week left a resounding rebuke of the speaker’s leadership as some republicans refused to vote on a continuing& resolution to fund the government at current levels as the previous resolution as conservatives seek to reduce the massive amount of government spending. & The last minute agreement passed overwhelming bipartisan support in the House and Senate. The bills were later signed by President Joe Biden Saturday, a short-term measure that will keep the government open until November 17th. According to the federal Office of Management and Budget, “in a “shutdown, federal agencies must discontinue all non-essential discretionary...