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Fentanyl vs crack!

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amandala.com.bz - Back in the 1980s, when crack cocaine became an epidemic in the United States, especially in black neighborhoods, mainly because it was cheap and so addictive, the government’s response was, “just say no!” Nancy Reagan was the chief spokesperson for this ad. Congress passed bills that caused the mass incarceration of black men, users, dealers, and suspects! People were dying, killed by the poison, and those who survived were so hooked that they committed whatever crimes necessary that would help them get that jolt, the next instantaneous and fleeting high. The Reagan administration blamed Mexico and the South American cartels for this plague-like curse that remained a problem, mostly in minority communities. Three decades later, fentanyl is the new crack, and it is mostly white, whereas crack was mostly black, and I’m talking about the victims. The dealers are the pharmaceutical companies, doctors, pharmacies and the Mexican cartels and China.