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When it comes to parenting, there is not a “how-to” book that is a one-size-fits all. Parenting is one of the hardest jobs out there. Parents sometimes get it right, and sometimes not so much. Parents are all human and make mistakes, even when they have the best intentions in mind.& According to the experts, here are five mistakes that can create more “selfish and entitled” kids. 1. Saying “yes” to almost everything It is okay to once and awhile say “no.” Saying “yes” to almost everything can foster a sense of entitlement in a child. Studies show that overindulged children are more concerned about themselves, show less empathy for others, lack a strong work ethic, and may behave as if rules don’t apply to them. Saying “no” once and awhile will not hurt them at all. In actuality, it will help them in the long-run. 2. Failing to create “teachable moments” A teachable moment is a specific occurrence, situation, or experience that can be used to teach children about something more general. This is an opportunity to have them put themselves in someone else’s shoes. Or, it can be seen as a moment to find out their opinion, discuss...