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Former Minister Concerned For Safety Of Missing Mother And Baby

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Former Saint Lucia government minister Alvina Reynolds has expressed concern for the safety of a missing mother and a 20-day-old baby. Natrani Narain, also known as Monica, was last seen with her baby on Friday, March 10, 2023. Narain’s Stepmother told St Lucia Times that the missing woman has mental issues. The Stepmother said it was not the first time Narain was missing, although this time she was with her newborn. Alvina Reynolds, former Minister of Health, Human Services, Family Affairs, and Gender Relations, said it was very worrying. Reynolds, a former MP for Babonneau, where the missing woman is from, said that Narain and her baby need much care and attention. She hoped that Narain, 25, was safe. “And I am appealing to anyone who may have her for whatever reason against her will, I am appealing to them to please, please, release the young lady and her baby as quickly as possible,” the former Minister told reporters. In addition, she explained that if Narain were in an unsafe place, it would have a big psychological impact on her now and in the future. “If somebody is holding her against her will, I am pleading with them to please...