Former Pr. Kayanja staff jailed seven years over robbery, assault

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The court in Kiryandongo yesterday convicted Sentongo Reagan and Lababi Khalifa to six years in prison for assault. The two former workers at Pastor Robert Kayanja’s farm in Kiryandongo who turned into his tormentors were found guilty of robbery and assault. It is said that they attacked Mr Turyatemba Patrick at his home in Kigumba at 1:00am and asked for coffee malt but when he refused to serve them they decided to fight him and sprayed him with paper. The accused persons were arrested and found in position with paper spray in their room following the incident that happened on 25.4.2020. On her side the resident state Attorney Madam Brande Najuko asked the magistrate to give them a 7year punishment because of the offence they committed. The defence lawyer asked for a light punishment because it’s their first time to commit the crime and they have been so good when they were on remand and they are the bread winners of their families however they are still young. When giving out her ruling the chief magistrate her worship Kabahuma Lucy accepted the submission of the defence lawyer and the resident state Attorney and gave them a punishment equivalent to six...