Former Screenwriting Student Foretells Beginning of WW3 in ‘Explosive’ First Book

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“If you’ve got the book, the film will follow.” This was the expert advice given to Denise E. Jacobs that started her on the road to becoming an author. The former Metfilm School screenwriting student is a woman on a mission, she has a story to tell and is determined not to take ‘no’ for an answer. Red Amaryllis was published just last week, and Denise has secured both UK and British distributers… and her next task is to crack on with the screenplay. By Jacobs’s own admission, her story is huge. She describes it as a ‘mega’ story, and it has been many years in the making. When she first started talking about her story and how others suggested that it should be a film, agencies came back with the same response – get it down on paper. But she didn’t know how. She was a trained hairdresser with her own salon, without the foggiest notion on how to write a script. “That’s really how I came to start a short screenwriting course at MetFilm School, I needed to be able to write a script. It was my story, and I knew that I was the one who needed...