Former Teacher Creates Platform to Help the Black and Brown Community With Their Hair Journey

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Boston native JerDrema Flynt is attempting to alleviate the stress, and hassle people from the Black or Brown community may go through when it comes to their hair journey with her platform, Growing Hands.  According to its site, Growing Hands allows individuals to create personalized “hair boards, search for hair resources, directly connect with hairstylists,” and provides hair tips. During an interview with Bostinno, Flynt, who previously taught at Beacon Academy and Guangzhou Huamei International School before switching gears to becoming a tech founder, opened up about how the idea of Growing Hands came about.  While attending Babson Graduate School in 2020, Flynt took a blockchain course and wanted to build a company that helped more Black people learn more about blockchain. However, her ideas shifted.  “I was like, Hair. Our hair is always talked about. It’s something that’s been talked about my entire life,” Flynt said. Flynt later began interviewing people about their hair journey and hardships. “The problem is that we don’t have a streamlined process,” Flynt said.  Flynt revealed the extreme lengths many go through to get their hair done the way they desire. It included going on various platforms such as Pinterest, Styleseat, and Google that...