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Four Decades Later, Woman Reunites With Dallas Couple Who Found Her Abandoned

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By Allie Spillyards/NBC News It’s a morning that has haunted a Dallas couple for more than 40 years, the day they found a baby abandoned in the snow in Kansas City. Until recently, Bob Hopkins and his partner Bob Whisnant, have been left to wonder what became of the infant and why they were in the right place at that right time that fateful morning. Behind a 1982 Kansas City Star article yellowed with time is the story Hopkins and Whisnant have recounted time and time again. “We woke up one morning. I just bought a new Jeep and a new snowplow,” said Hopkins. “It was 33 inches of snow on the ground or something like that and it was 10 below zero,” said Hopkins, who decided he and Whisnant were gonna shovel the driveway. At a nearby friend’s home, Hopkins said he was paying attention to the snow as Whisnant took in a lay of the land. Then, Whisnant noticed something moving on the back porch. “My peripheral vision saw movement, but there was no one there. There was nothing moving except in my peripheral vision and so I turned and looked and there it was just moving almost...