Georgia’s senior congressman facing toughest race since 2010

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After years of coasting to reelection, Georgia’s senior congressman is gearing up for his toughest campaign in more than a decade as hopeful Republican challengers crowd the May 24 primary ballot and raise impressive sums of cash to target the Democrat who’s held the seat for 30 years. Rep. Sanford Bishop, a Black Democrat first elected in 1992, has been rated among the most vulnerable House Democrats in the fall midterms by his own party. The Republican-controlled state legislature last year redrew his 2nd District seat in southwest Georgia to dilute the influence of Black voters. Republicans need to gain just five U.S. House seats to win control of the chamber in November. The GOP is betting that low approval of President Joe Biden and Democratic leaders in Congress will make it hard for Bishop to maintain support from rural voters who previously supported him. “People in our rural communities have been struggling over these decades,” said Jeremy Hunt, one of six candidates seeking the Republican nomination to challenge Bishop. “A lot of the people in our district, regardless of how they might have voted in the past, are saying, ‘We are ready for something new.’” In a battleground state...