Giving thanks is good for you

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As the holiday season approaches, people often take the time to reflect on what they have to be grateful for. At the same time, others have difficulty finding a reason to give thanks. For those who have suffered losses during this season or for people who feel like life is handing out more lemons than lemonade, it can feel challenging to find something to appreciate. Despite the circumstances, whether you are in a time of great abundance in your life, or a time where you feel like you are missing more than you have, giving thanks just happens to be good for you. UCLA conducted a research review in 2021. Looking at the findings from the studies, the reviewers concluded that gratitude can have positive effects on overall well-being, mental and physical health. “Gratitude seems to reduce depression symptoms – people with a grateful mindset report higher satisfaction with life, strong social relationships and more self-esteem than those who don’t practice gratitude,” according to UCLA’s review of 70 studies with responses from nearly 30,000 people. While the researchers were not able to confirm the exact reasons why, their findings showed a relationship between practicing gratitude and having an improved overall...