Going electric in Pittsburgh: 10 of the best vehicles

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Choosing to care for your community as a neighbor and consumer is a year-round commitment. National Drive Electric Week, taking place from Sept. 22-Oct. 1, highlights how owning an electric vehicle (EV) can contribute to a better tomorrow. For Pittsburgh residents, making the switch to electric can be beneficial in more ways than one. Incentives for Making the Switch to EV Consumers want to switch from traditional gasoline-powered vehicles to electric ones for many reasons. A desire to contribute positively to environmental protection is at the top of many people’s lists. Driving an EV or hybrid vehicle reduces harmful emissions and helps keep your community cleaner. Most EVs are also fun to drive; the battery-powered acceleration makes most traditional engines seem slow, and the low center of gravity in an EV means they’re easy to handle in tight spots. Financial Gains Although electric vehicles often come at a high price point, several financial incentives make switching a good option for many consumers. While both gas and electric prices are rising, the per-mile investment is almost always better for EVs. Many states, including Pennsylvania, offer purchase incentives for EVs and hybrid cars. The state’s Alternative Fuel Vehicle Rebate Program has recently...