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Congratulations to Grete and Robert Griffin III who welcomed their baby girl a few days ago. The celebrity parents took to Instagram with the announcement of their daughter’s arrival. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Grete Griffin (@gretegiii) “Gia Griffin,” Grete and Robert said in reference to the name they chose for their daughter. “2023 [is] off to an incredible start,” Mrs. Griffin shared with her fans. Some thought Gia would make a grand entrance at the top of this year. Grete had a bit of a pregnancy scare that caused her to believe she was going into labor. She called her husband on New Year’s Eve to advise him to come home. Robert abruptly ended his ESPN hosting duties for the night to be by his wife’s side. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Robert Griffin III (@rgiii) “First off let’s start by saying that even though baby girl tried to make a dramatic entrance last night into 2023, she decided it wasn’t time yet,” Grete told her supporters after the false alarm. “Secondly, let’s talk about my husband,” she continued. “I gave him a call in the middle of him being on...