Growing up Panther: An interview with K’sisay Sadiki

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The revolutionary Black Panther& Kamau Sadiki with his daughter K’Sisay Sadiki, who grew up with strong Panther ethics and navigated childhood and adulthood visiting her father in varying states of incarceration and freedom, are portrayed in “Kamau.” – Art: Sophie Dawson. by& Susie Day “As we left the courtroom, [a friend] was standing in the hallway with K’Sisay, Kamau’s 2-year-old daughter. As Kamau walked near her, she held out her arms to him. Kamau took two steps toward her and the marshals jumped him and began beating him … I will never forget the haunting scream of that child as she watched her father being brutally beaten.” – Assata Shakur, “Assata: An Autobiography” That 2-year-old, K’Sisay Sadiki, is now in her 40s, with kids of her own. She has lived her life in two worlds. She’s attended prestigious dance and film schools, holds down a steady job, pays taxes. And, as the child of Black Panthers, she’s lived underground, raised by people dedicated to overturning white supremacy.& Her father, Kamau Sadiki, also has a daughter – K’Sisay’s sister – by Assata Shakur, who famously escaped from prison in 1979 and now lives in Cuba as a “dangerous fugitive,” hunted by...