Guest Editorial: A political trifecta? Just about

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President Joe Biden Credit: White House/Public Domain photo Zowie, folks—we just received a political trifecta! Joe Biden did something unprecedented when, as the nation’s commander in chief, he walked in a picket line in support of striking workers in Michigan. Then came the news that a judge ruled Trump committed fraud for years while building his real estate empire—another feather in the cap of our attorney general. And topping it off, the Supreme Court, much to our amazement, allowed redrawing the congressional map in Alabama with greater representation for Black voters to proceed. On the first point, Biden’s stepping up to the plate for blue-collar workers might not absolve him for his recent gaffe over LL Cool J’s name. He flubbed the rapper’s name twice, most egregiously during the annual Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) Foundation’s weekend. He said, “By the way, that boy—that man’s got biceps bigger than my thighs.” Things went much better Tuesday afternoon in Michigan outside the plant where striking workers marched and chanted. There were no gaffes as Biden assailed the car moguls and the profits they have refused to share with those working at the point of production. Judge Arthur Engoron ruled that Trump and...