Gwen Berry & Family Threatened By Racist White People After Wearing “Activist Athlete” T-Shirt

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Gwen Berry just wants to be safe and she can’t even do that because of her decision to wear an activist T-shirt at the athletes.It amazes me how certain people want to see you in a position they see fit but when your beliefs are brought to the table it becomes a problem.“During the US Olympic Track and Field trials in June, hammer thrower Gwen Berry earned a spot on her second Olympic team, placing third in her event. The biggest news came in what she did afterwards when she was on the podium, didn’t acknowledge the Anthem, turned around and draped a T-shirt that said “activist athlete” over her head,” per Total Pro Sports.She added she and her family have been threatened, and some people have gone as far as to show up at her house and son’s school.