Happy Experiences Sweeten the Journey


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People criticize social media influencers for portraying an unrealistic view of life. They criticize us for showing glossy, perfect images when life can be filled with gruesome, painful experiences.Here's the truth.& Social media influencers, like me, are not immune to the struggles of life even if we might have an easier go of it--with nannies, housekeepers, and technology-- because of our circumstances. (I don't have all of those things, but some other influencers do and they have caught hell about revealing that.) Indeed, there are several of us who have been outed when we have gotten divorced, gone bankrupt, or experienced some other hardship. (To read about one such influencer, click& here.)& Social Media Influencers Aren't Perfect, But Do Experience PerfectionStill, I am a fan of the glossy, perfect images. Contrary to what people say, these images are not lies. Instead, they show a version of the truth. They reflect times when we actually experienced perfection. For that reason, they inspire hope. Posting these images and sharing the happy experiences from my life remind me that happiness is possible, that life can be better, and that love is everything.& So, while I will continue to share my opinions about the...