Harsh punishments for Black Americans over voting errors spark outcry

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news.yahoo.com - (Photo/Twitter) Hello and Happy Thursday,In an unexpected move last Friday, a Memphis judge ordered a new trial for Pamela Moses, the Black Lives Matter activist who was sentenced to six years in prison for trying to register to vote.The decision to order a new trial was in part based on new evidence I obtained and wrote about in this newsletter last week. W Mark Ward, the judge in the case, ruled prosecutors should have turned over that evidence to Moses’ lawyers before the trial. The document, an internal email from the department of corrections, showed officials had investigated why a probation officer signed off on a form telling Moses she was eligible to vote when she actually was not. The investigation found that the officer had made a good-faith error. Moses’ lawyers had never seen that document. Amy Weirich, the district attorney, said the Tennessee department of corrections never provided the document to her office.