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HBCU’s, Historically Black College’s and Universities, have educated some of the most prolific Black individuals throughout history. Some of those who attended prestigious Black colleges and universities include: Martin Luther King, Jr., (Morehouse), Oprah Winfrey, (Tennessee State University), Taraji P Hensen, (Howard), and Will Packer, (Florida A&M), just to name a few. The spirit of an HBCU community is something that embodies pride and academic excellence, encouraging students to reach beyond the stars. Recently, the Becoming Collegiate Academy, an HBCU inspired elementary school, opened its doors in Florida.& Photo Credit: www.becomingschools.org The “Home of the Brown Bears” is, according to their official website, a public-charter school uniquely positioned to mirror the experience of Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCU) by providing a supportive, nurturing, and self-empowering environment needed for students to develop and affirm their cultural and academic identities. We immerse students in a safe, supportive, and intellectually rigorous environment that connects with the history of their community, contributes to the healing of societal wounds, and inspires them to translate their community’s relentless spirit into academic success. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Becoming Collegiate Academy (@becomingcollegiate) In a recent interview with Fox 30 News, the founder...