Health Department on a mission to get African Americans to take COVID-19 vaccine

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Dr. Virginia Caine did not mince words when she spoke to members of the local NAACP chapter Jan. 7 about the COVID-19 vaccines. There will be side effects, she told them, from fatigue to headaches to chills. Mild side effects are common with vaccines, a sign the body is building an immune response. “This is a battle,” Caine told them, and people would be better off with a headache because of the vaccine as opposed to some of the long-term side effects that can come with COVID-19, including neurological issues and chronic shortness of breath. Caine, a Black medical professional and director of the Marion County Public Health Department, has a tall task now that two COVID-19 vaccines — one from Moderna and one from Pfizer — are becoming more readily available to the public. She has to convince African Americans, long skeptical of medical malice, to get the shot. Under state guidelines, the vaccine is currently available to licensed and unlicensed health care workers and first responders, as well as anyone who is 70 and older. The county health department opened a vaccine clinic Jan. 11. Caine said during a COVID-19 update Jan. 7 she has heard a number...