Here’s What Happens When 25,000 Women Go Vegan Together

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Award-winning public health nutritionist, 35-year vegan activist, and best-selling author Tracye McQuirter, MPH, recently held another free 21-Day Vegan Fresh Start program from September 18 – October 9, 2022 and the results were extraordinary. This marks the fourth free 21-Day Vegan Fresh Start program as part of McQuirter’s 10 Million Black Vegan Women Movement, a revolutionary public health intervention that is changing the health paradigm of Black women now and for generations to come, according to a release. The 21-Day Vegan Fresh Start continues to attract a sizable cohort of women, with 3,705 enrolling. Participants who responded to the post-program survey obtained remarkable health benefits from the 21-Day Vegan Fresh Start: An astounding 77% of the respondents ate 80-100% of their meals completely vegan, tying the 2020 10K Vegan Fresh Start program for an all-time high. The high intake of nutritious, plant-based foods contributed to weight loss for 72% of respondents, ranging from 1.2 to 15 pounds and improved general health for 71%. Remarkably, 14% of respondents addressed specific health conditions as a result of program participation. Other notable gains attributed to the program include: lowered blood pressure and cholesterol for 43% and 39% of the respondents, respectively. A significant...