Homecoming Parade Needs Improving

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By Tribune Staff

The annual Homecoming Parade use to be a crown jewel in Tennessee State University’s homecoming activities. It was a family friendly event designed to showcase the best Nashville’s Black community had to spotlight in terms of personalities, culture and sensibilities. But something has happened in recent years, and it’s not a good thing. Anyone who witnessed this past Saturday’s spectacle (and that’s what part of the parade has become) and had attended parades from decades ago know this parade has taken some major steps backwards.

The first thing, it’s no longer something any parent who’s trying to raise children to be adults with dignity and integrity would want to bring their children to witness. The sight of scantily clad young women and young girls from some dance studios cavorting, twisting and gyrating down the street might be desirable for some other situations, but not for a daytime family homecoming parade. It was sad to see the very young young girls cavorting like teenagers. No question there are lots of places where this type of atmosphere and presentation is perfectly appropriate but the Homecoming Parade isn’t Mardi Gras in New Or- leans or St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago...