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“Homefulness, a poor and houseless peoples-led solution to homelessness, is here in this occupied Lummi and Nooksack land to share the template of a poor people solutions to poverty, scarcity, homelessness and the violence called sweeps,” says Aunti Frances Moore. – Photo: POOR Magazine Homefulness is seeded, planted and grown in so-called Bellingham, Washington& by Lisa “Tiny” Gray-Garcia, Frances Moore, Momii Palapaz, Tiburcio, Amir, Akil and Israel, with photos and video by Momii Palapaz, Pancho Pantera, Amir Cornish, Akil Carrillo and Tiburcio Garcia& “You’re supposed to have a badge!” Disgust shouted out of the heavy walnut door. Overly ornate with gold-leafed handles and huge 15th century locks. Violent colonial ghosts past and present lurked behind that door. Settler lies of private property, 528 years of Mama Earth theft, hoarding, genocide and protected, complected class hate seeped out the sliver the ghost-like white man stood between, barely visible.& “Get off my property!” Two translucent hands appeared from around the edge of the massive doorframe, making a brushing movement towards me and Aunti Frances and Youth Poverty Skola Tiburcio. “Get away!” And then it closed with a thud. This Klanmark – as I call it – aka historic landmark, aka huge house...