Houston ISD police not prepared for active shooter, superintendent says

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Less than three weeks before the start of a new school year, the leader of Texas’ largest school district said its police department is not prepared to adequately respond to an active-shooter scenario like the one that claimed the lives of 19 children and two teachers earlier this year in Uvalde. Houston ISD superintendent Millard House II addressed the preparedness level of the HISD Police Department while discussing proposed expenditures of more than $100,000 for rifles, ammunition and ballistic plate shields during Thursday night’s agenda review meeting of the HISD board of trustees. The board is expected to vote on the proposed purchases at next week’s meeting. “Right now, as we’ve studied the Uvalde scenario and looked at what preparation and the proper preparation that needs to be in place, our officers would not have been prepared for what that looks like,” House said. Upwards of 200,000 students attend HISD, which employs about 200 police officers. The 2022-23 school year is scheduled to start Aug. 22, with teachers reporting to work Monday. Trustee Dani Hernandez asked if the desire to fortify the HISD police department is “based on research or our feelings,” also wondering if the expenditure request was in...