How Former Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti Will Be Remembered

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Photo: Donna Dymally There was one moment that will always stand out for me that tells much about soon to be former Mayor Eric Garcetti’s (above second from right) eight-year tenure at City Hall. That was a long zoom one on one meeting I had with him in 2021 about the annual city budget. He was trying hard to reconcile his desire to pump millions more into a range of much needed city services while at the same time not drastically cutting the LAPD’s budget. A budget which legions of BLM and other LAPD critics raged at as being outrageously bloated.Tags:& Black Star Newsformer Mayor Eric Garcetti’s eight-year tenure at City Hallpressure of LAPD reformLA homelessnessthorny issue of police misconductBLM’s demand to defund the LAPDEarl Ofari Hutchinson