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How Much Screen Time Is Too Much?

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Kids can spend hours on screens. Screen usage may harm a child’s development and cause weight and sleep issues. Except for video chatting with adults, under-18-month-olds shouldn’t use screens. 18–24-month-olds should watch high-quality videos with an adult, and two to five-year-olds should limit screen time to one hour. Schoolchildren need rules too. What Is Screen Time? Screen time is when a youngster watches a screen. Examples are watching TV, playing video games, and using a computer, phone, or tablet. It adds up fast: You may not think twice about letting your kid play with your phone or read a book on your tablet, and it’s tempting to post hilarious YouTube videos or charming images on Instagram. Your child may use gadgets or games they don’t have at home, at school, or on playdates. Do Video Chats With Family Count As Screen Time? Even through a screen, interacting with loving people helps young toddlers develop social skills. Due to COVID-19 limits, it’s helped youngsters establish contacts with distant relatives. Video chats with distant relatives and friends are allowed. Consider strategies to engage your kids during those important talks. Set up frequent video chats with faraway relatives and prepare by having your...