How Patrick Mahomes’ GF Brittany Matthews Explain Why Taking a Knee During Anthem Has Nothing to Do With Military

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Patrick Mahomes signed a record-setting contract extension today and that’s been the biggest topic in sports today. It’s not only the biggest contract in NFL history but the biggest contract in North American sports history. One person that is probably ecstatic about it is his girlfriend Brittany Matthews. She’s been with him since day one and might get a ring soon. Hours before the Mahomes deal was announced, Brittany used her platform to send a message to all the people who think kneeling is disrespectful to the flag. In her message, she shares a pic saying how having a woman soldier sexually assaulted and go missing on base and then ending up murdered is what is really disrespectful. The story she was referring to is the tragic story of Vanessa Guillen who was recently found in a shallow grave in Texas. Matthews (and the person who originally wrote the post) is completely right. People focus on something simple as kneeling during what is essentially just a song and don’t really care about the bigger issues like people being murdered. Flip the page to see the post and pics.