How to Start a Money Talk: Why Savings Matters/Why the Habit of Saving is Key to Becoming Financially Healthier


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“WHEN IT COMES TO SAVING, THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO DO IS TO SIMPLY TO START. WHETHER IT’S $1 A DAY OR A FEW EVERY MONTH, IT IS IMPORTANT TO HAVE A PLAN. TALKING TO SOMEONE WITH EXPERIENCE CAN HELP SEE THINGS FROM A DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE. ONE OF MY FAVORITE CONVERSATIONS TO HAVE WITH CUSTOMERS IS TO KNOW WHAT THEY ARE SAVING FOR AND HELPING THEM FIGURE OUT HOW TO GET THERE,” SAID TERRI THOMAS, HEAD OF COMMUNITY BANKING, VIRTUAL BANKING AND BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT FOR CHASE BANK.Here’s how you can build your own savings plan:Start Small. Starting with small goals will begin to lay the foundation for bigger ones even if building a safety net with just a dollar a day. Once you build the habit, a dollar a day can turn into more as you begin to take notice of your spending habits and identify opportunities to minimize expenses and reallocate them towards your savings. Here is a free online calculator that can help you estimate your savings over time. Remember that saving is personal: it depends on your own needs and financial situation.Keep it Simple. When it comes to creating a budget, it’s ok to keep it simple....